Ways to declutter your home

Written by Car Donation Team on May 4, 2015. Posted in Car Donation

Ways to Declutter Your Home

Come home to a cluttered home can really be stressful. Looking at a mess and getting anxiety over it can only mean one thing: you need to declutter your home! When you declutter your home, you’ll notice how simplified your life and stress levels will become since you don’t have to worry about messes and putting things back in their place. Here are a few ways to declutter your home so that your stress and anxiety levels are nonexistent:

1. Get Rid of Junk

Junk causes clutter, which then causes you to stress out. So to eliminate the problem just get rid of all the junk. And this can be anything – from a pile of papers to a pile of clothes and everything else that’s just adding to your home’s mess. Maybe it’s that junk drawer that is now spilling out or your entertainment console that’s filled with movies, books and CDs that you don’t even need anymore. By getting rid of the junk, you are simplifying your life from things you don’t need.

2. Get Rid Of One Item A Day

If the thought of getting rid of all sorts of things sort of freaks you out, don’t worry, and just minimize how much stuff you get rid of so it doesn’t seem like at lot at one time. Instead, give away one item each day and by the end of a year, your home will be clutter free!

3. Make A List

To start decluttering your home, make a list of things of the areas in your home and start with the one room that will be easiest to declutter. Then when you’re done with that one area, cross it off your list and then move on to the next area. But make sure you give yourself a day in between areas on your list to maximize the effort you put into it so that you don’t get tired and want to give up halfway through an area.

4. Emotional Test

To figure out what things to get rid of, pick it up and ask yourself if it brings you any kind of happiness or joy. If it doesn’t, then throw it out or place it in the donate pile. This way, you only get rid of things that don’t hold any significant value in your life.

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