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Making Friends

Written by Car Donation Team on July 27, 2015. Posted in Car Donation Breast Cancer

Making Friends

It’s hard to make friends as an adult. It’s not like when you’re younger and you just go up to a kid at the playground and ask to be their friend. As you grow older your circle of friends starts to get smaller and you lose a couple in the process. Or sometimes, life places you on different paths than your old friends, causing you to need new ones. Whatever the case may be, making friends as an adult is a daunting task, but doesn’t have to be if you use these tips:

Join a group

The best way to meet new friends is by joining a group, club or any organized thing, where you meet on a regular basis. This can be anything from a fitness club to a book club, classes and more. You’ll see the same people every time you week and will start to find friends that have similar hobbies and interests with you.

Don’t be shy

If you’re out to make new friends, you can’t be shy. Talk to people and really be engaging so that they’ll want to find out more about you. The key here is vulnerability. By putting yourself out there, others will see that you’re genuinely trying to make an effort and will do the same. You’ll connect on a deeper level, which will lead to being friends.

Put in effort

Once you find a few people who can turn into good friends, you’ll need to put in the effort to have the friendship flourish. Invite them for dinner, coffee dates and agree to meet up other times than when the group meets. If they’re open to friendship with you, they’ll also make the effort.

Be Yourself

The most important thing when making new friends as an adult is to just be yourself. No one likes fake friends, so if you try to be something that you’re not, the friendship can turn into a superficial one. If that person really likes you, they’ll accept you for who and what you are, and not what they want you to be.

Making Friends With A Car Donation Charity

Helping others is a great way of making friends and helping your favorite breast cancer charity. If you have a neglected car or boat sitting around,car donation is one of the great ways to motivate yourself and at the same time, help a great cause.

Donate your old vehicle, truck, boat, RV or motorcycle to your favorite breast cancer charity.

It’s as easy as filling out our online vehicle donation form or by calling one of our friendly vehicle donation specialists toll-free at 888-339-9553 seven days a week.

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