This Car Donation Program
Helps Fight Breast Cancer

Donate Your Car - Make A Difference!

The proceeds from your generous donation help to achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer.

We Have the Largest Resale Network in the Nation.

Assuring that you get the highest possible tax write off!

  • Making a donation takes less than 5 minutes
  • Your donation is 100% free - no cost to you!
  • We take your vehicle running or not
  • Get the highest possible tax deduction
  • We help with all title and paperwork issues
  • Help put an end to this devastating disease

Donate your Car Today!

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How It Works

Fill out our easy online auto donation form or call one of our friendly donation specialists, 7 days a week toll free at 800-304-8983 and we will schedule a pick up when it is most convenient for you, at home or work... (Se habla español)

We guide you through the process - it is fast and easy!

  • Our professional licensed and bonded driver will pick up your car donation, running or not.
  • The driver will help you with all paperwork and issue you with a pickup receipt for your records.
  • We help with any title issues and take your car regardless of its condition or registration status.
  • You have NO costs for donating your car.

Why donate my car for breast cancer research?

  donate my car Free up space in your garage. car donation
  donate my car Avoid the hassles of selling your car.
  donate my car No need to pay hefty car repair bills.
  donate my car Turn that unwanted car into an IRS tax deduction.
  donate my car You're helping to achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer.

Making a car donation is EASY and always FREE!

It's as easy as filling out our online auto donation form or calling one of our friendly donation specialists toll-free at 800-304-8983 seven days a week.

Your car donations are greatly appreciated.

donate car Please donate your car online
or call us toll free 800-304-8983 7 days a week.

donate my car Your help will improve someone's life.
donate a car We thank you for your generosity.

Helping to Put an End to Breast Cancer.

CarsForBreastCancer.Org is the nation's premier vehicle donation program that supports breast cancer research and awareness.

Our main goal is to improve the lives of as many breast cancer patients as possible by uniting dozens of supporting foundations under one unique program.

Each charity offers different services relating to breast cancer from research to prevention to supporting patients, so everyone can feel good about giving!

CarsForBreastCancer.Org’s program allows donors to select the breast cancer charity they feel most passionate about.

Being the most recognized breast cancer vehicle donation program in the nation ensures that your donation will be processed properly. Join us and donate your vehicle today!

Please donate your vehicle online or call us toll free 800-304-8983 7 days a week.

Just fill out the form below
Call 800-304-8983

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Or Call 800-304-8983.

We gladly accept donations such as:

  • Auto Donation
  • Van Donation
  • SUV Donation
  • Vehicle Donation
  • Truck Donation
  • Boat Donation
  • Jet Ski Donation
  • Snowmobile Donation
  • Trailer Donation
  • Motorcycle Donation
  • Motorhome Donation
  • Automobile Donation
  • RV Donation
  • Forklift Donation
  • Tractor Donation
  • Heavy Equipment Donation

We Do All The Work

  • Our vehicle donation specialists process all donations nationwide.
  • We schedule pick up of donated vehicles and handle all DMV paperwork.
  • We have largest resale network in the vehicle donation industry, so we get the highes value for your donors.
  • We manage the sales process, collect the proceeds and pay all expenses.
  • We notify your donors that their vehicles have sold.
  • We provide your donors with all appropriate tax forms.

Please complete the sign-up form on the right or contact us at 888-444-2392 to get you more money for your cause.